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Pier艣cie艅 z ozdobnym wyko艅czeniem srebro Gucci
1 545 z艂
Gucci Pier艣cie艅 z ozdobnym wyko艅czeniem srebro
Width: 22mm. Sterling silver with antique finish. Green resin stone Kolor: Silver. Rozmiar: 20 - 21 - 22 - 23. Materia艂: AG925,RE.
Luisa Via Roma
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Bransoletka ze z艂ota Versace
2 457 z艂
Versace Bransoletka ze z艂ota
K41T Stones & Gems->Enamel gold tone medusa chain bracelet from Versace. Kolor: K41T. Rozmiar: M-L. Materia艂: Brass/Enamel.
Bransoletka metal z艂oto Versace
1 799 z艂
Versace Bransoletka metal z艂oto
This gold-plated bracelet from Versace is made from metal, features a Medusa engraved clasp and comes in a chain design. Kolor: gold. Materia艂: 100% metal. Rozmiar: S.
Srebro naszyjnik metal Off-white
1 468 z艂
Off-white Srebro naszyjnik metal
Metal. Logo charm detail. Clasp closure Kolor: Silver. Rozmiar: 01. Materia艂: 100%BR.
Luisa Via Roma
Pier艣cie艅 ze z艂ota z logo Versace
1 283 z艂
Versace Pier艣cie艅 ze z艂ota z logo
Inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, the instantly recognisable Medusa head motif has become a part of Versace's legacy. Work the label's unparalleled luxury into your daily attire with this intricate Barocco Border ring from the brand's...
Bransoletka ze z艂ota Versace
1 947 z艂
Versace Bransoletka ze z艂ota
Gold-tone brass Greca Key bracelet from Versace featuring engraved detail, clasp fastening and Greca Key chain. Kolor: GOLD. Rozmiar: S-M-L. Materia艂: metal.
Bransoletka z艂oto z gniazdem Versace
1 849 z艂
Versace Bransoletka z艂oto z gniazdem
Bracelet in gold-tone brass. Molded Greek key pattern throughout. Medusa hardware at tab-slot fastening. Supplier color: Gold Rozmiar: S. Kolor: D00H GOLD.
Pier艣cie艅 srebro zabytkowe Gucci
823 z艂
Gucci Pier艣cie艅 srebro zabytkowe
Burnished for a vintage appearance, this Gucci ring is made in Italy from sterling silver and has a feline head and GG motif. Materia艂: ring: sterling silver. Kolor: silver. Rozmiar: 59 MM.
Bransoletka metal chudy Versace
1 861 z艂
Versace Bransoletka metal chudy
Donatella Versace takes you back to the '90s - just with more modern cuts, charming accessories and faster internet. Think archival print revivals and logos. Made from gold-tone metal, this bracelet features cut outs of the iconic Versace...
Pier艣cie艅 czarny ze z艂ota Fendi
978 z艂
Fendi Pier艣cie艅 czarny ze z艂ota
FENDI 7AJ108B09 F0A1F-SOFT GOLD+BLACK Brass/Enamel Rozmiar: 53-56. Materia艂: Enamel/Brass. Kolor: Metallic.
Naszyjnik szary srebro Gucci
1 981 z艂
Gucci Naszyjnik szary srebro
Gold metal lion head necklace from Gucci featuring a clasp fastening, a cable chain, crystal embellishments and gold-tone hardware. Kolor: GOLD. Rozmiar: One Size. Materia艂: metal/Crystal.
Naszyjnik metal Off-white
1 496 z艂
Off-white Naszyjnik metal
Off-White TEXTURED ARROW NECKLACE METAL NO COLOR Rozmiar: One Size. Materia艂: metal. Kolor: 7800 METAL NO COLOR.
Pier艣cie艅 ze z艂ota Gucci
4 488 z艂
Gucci Pier艣cie艅 ze z艂ota
With the label's GG emblem and an arabesque engraved pattern, this Gucci ring is made in Italy from 18 carat gold. Rozmiar: 55 MM. Kolor: gold. Materia艂: ring: yellow gold.
艁a艅cuch czarny Asos Design
49 z艂
Asos Design 艁a艅cuch czarny
Jean chain by ASOS DESIGN Coming soon to your saved items Chunky chain Lobster-clasp fastening Kolor: Black. Materia艂: Steel/Zinc.
Naszyjnik szary czarny Dolce And Gabbana
2 134 z艂
Dolce And Gabbana Naszyjnik szary czarny
Chain link necklace in gold-tone. Cross pendant featuring crystal-cut detailing in black at drop. Lobster clasp fastening. Approx. 13 length.Supplier color: Gold Rozmiar: UNI. Kolor: ZOO00 GOLD.
Bransoletka metal ze z艂ota Versace
2 479 z艂
Versace Bransoletka metal ze z艂ota
D00H-ORO CALDO Metals & Alloys->Brass gold tone medusa medallion bracelet from Versace. Kolor: GOLD. Materia艂: Brass. Rozmiar: One Size.
Srebro pier艣cie艅 Versace
1 761 z艂
Versace Srebro pier艣cie艅
Signet ring in gold-tone brass. Signature Greek key pattern in silver-tone at face. Logo engraved at inner band.Supplier color: Gold/Palladium Rozmiar: 65. Kolor: KOTP GOLD.
Z paskiem sk贸rzany czarny bransoletka Ermenegildo Zegna
1 034 z艂
Ermenegildo Zegna Z paskiem sk贸rzany czarny bransoletka
Find the perfect finishing touch in this black double-strap braided bracelet from Ermenegildo Zegna. Simple, yet highly effective. Featuring a braided style, a decorative button fastening, and silver-tone engraved hardware. Materia艂:...
Bransoletka z艂oto Versace
1 756 z艂
Versace Bransoletka z艂oto
Chain link bracelet in gold-tone. Signature Greek key hardware. Signature Medusa charm at drop featuring Swarovski crystal-cut detailing. Lobster clasp fastening. Signature Medusa charm accent at length. Approx. 8 length.Supplier color:...
Otwarty bransoletka z艂oto Versace
2 069 z艂
Versace Otwarty bransoletka z艂oto
Open cuff bracelet in gold-tone brass. Cut-out signature Greek key pattern throughout. Engraved logo at face and inner band.Supplier color: Gold Rozmiar: M. Kolor: KOT GOLD.
Srebro bransoletka poz艂acany Versace
5 115 z艂
Versace Srebro bransoletka poz艂acany
Silver/gold 24kt gold-plated brass two-tone link motif bracelet from VERSACE featuring engraved detail and two-tone design. Materia艂: 24kt Gold Plated Brass. Kolor: GOLD. Rozmiar: L-S.
Kolczyki z艂oto ze z艂ota Gucci
2 289 z艂
Gucci Kolczyki z艂oto ze z艂ota
Gucci鈥檚 undeniable fascination for lavish nature and wild animals lies at the heart of their narrative. Depicted here as gold-tone lion head earrings, each ferocious face holds a crystal-embellished pendant from their jaws, complete with...
Pier艣cie艅 srebro Gucci
932 z艂
Gucci Pier艣cie艅 srebro
Band ring in sterling silver. Logo pattern engraved throughout.Supplier color: Silver Rozmiar: 60. Kolor: 0701 SILVR.
Pier艣cie艅 srebro metal Tobias Wistisen
1 452 z艂
Tobias Wistisen Pier艣cie艅 srebro metal
Bronze-tone treated silver ring from Tobias Wistisen featuring a medieval style patterned engraving. Rozmiar: 61-59. Materia艂: Silver. Kolor: Metallic.
Bransoletka z艂oto Versace
1 574 z艂
Versace Bransoletka z艂oto
Chain link bracelet in gold-tone. Signature Greek key hardware at length. Signature Medusa charm at lobster clasp fastening. Gold-tone hardware. Approx. 7.5 length.Supplier color: Gold Rozmiar: XXS. Kolor: KOT GOLD.
Pier艣cie艅 ze z艂ota metal Versace
1 352 z艂
Versace Pier艣cie艅 ze z艂ota metal
D00H GOLD Metals & Alloys->Brass gold tone logo ring from Versace. Kolor: GOLD. Rozmiar: 19-21-23. Materia艂: Brass.
Bransoletka za pe艂ne z艂oto Versace
3 090 z艂
Versace Bransoletka za pe艂ne z艂oto
Textured curb chain bracelet in gold-tone. Logo and graphic engraved at length. Signature carved Medusa hardware at adjustable flip-clasp fastening. Approx. 8 full length. Supplier color: Gold Rozmiar: XXS. Kolor: KOT GOLD.
Pier艣cie艅 ze z艂ota z diamentem Gucci
11 043 z艂
Gucci Pier艣cie艅 ze z艂ota z diamentem
18kt yellow gold diamond lion head ring from GUCCI featuring red opal stone and diamonds with 0.01ct. Rozmiar: 55-57. Kolor: GOLD. Materia艂: Opal/18kt Yellow Gold/White Diamond.
Kolczyki z logo ze srebra Gucci
981 z艂
Gucci Kolczyki z logo ze srebra
Pair of stud earrings in sterling silver. Carved logo at face. Post-stud fastening. Approx. 0.75 width.Supplier color: Silver Rozmiar: UNI. Kolor: 0702 SILV.
Pier艣cie艅 ze z艂ota Versace
1 077 z艂
Versace Pier艣cie艅 ze z艂ota
Go for gold. Why settle for anything less? This is exactly why you should reward yourself with this gold-tone brass Greca motif ring from Versace. Top champ. Featuring gold-tone hardware and engraved Greca motif. Materia艂: metal. Kolor:...
Pier艣cie艅 srebro ze z艂ota Alexander Mcqueen
2 445 z艂
Alexander Mcqueen Pier艣cie艅 srebro ze z艂ota
Come over to the dark side! Crafted from 24kt gold plated brass embellished bug engraved ring from Alexander McQueen will definitely cause an impression. Just say yes to the ring! Featuring an embellished bug and engraved details. Materia艂:...
Bransoletka metal przeoczenie z艂oto Versace
2 094 z艂
Versace Bransoletka metal przeoczenie z艂oto
Curb chain bracelet in gold-tone metal. Carved detailing throughout. Signature sculpted Medusa and signature Greek key pattern at press-release fastening. Antiqued gold-tone hardware. Supplier color: Gold Rozmiar: L. Kolor: KOT GOLD.
Z paskiem czarny bransoletka z prawdziwej sk贸ry Versace
3 286 z艂
Versace Z paskiem czarny bransoletka z prawdziwej sk贸ry
Chain link bracelet in gold-tone brass featuring brushed leather strap in black. Signature Greek key and Medusa hardware at face. Logo-engraved at inner band. Signature Medusa charm at length. Lobster clasp fastening. Gold-tone hardware....
Pier艣cie艅 plac z艂oto Versace
1 226 z艂
Versace Pier艣cie艅 plac z艂oto
Signet ring in gold-tone brass. Signature Medusa head and engraved detailing at face. Logo engraved at inner band.Supplier color: Gold Rozmiar: 67. Kolor: KOT GOLD.
Srebro bransoletka z gniazdem Versace
1 828 z艂
Versace Srebro bransoletka z gniazdem
Chain link bracelet in silver-tone brass featuring signature Greek key hardware throughout. Signature Medusa head and engraved logo at tab-slot fastening. Supplier color: Ruthenium Rozmiar: M. Kolor: D00E RUTENI.
Srebro otwarty bransoletka Versace
2 158 z艂
Versace Srebro otwarty bransoletka
Open cuff bracelet in silver-tone. Signature graphic accents in gold-tone at face. Engraved logo at inner band.Supplier color: Gold Rozmiar: L. Kolor: KOTE GOLD.
Bransoletka metal z艂oto Versace
2 254 z艂
Versace Bransoletka metal z艂oto
Gold-tone metal logo-debossed bangle bracelet from VERSACE featuring Medusa head motif, debossed logo, bangle style and slip-on style. Kolor: GOLD. Rozmiar: M-L. Materia艂: metal.
Srebro bransoletka metal Versace
2 095 z艂
Versace Srebro bransoletka metal
Silver metal logo bracelet from Versace featuring a clasp fastening. Materia艂: metal. Rozmiar: S-M-L-XL. Kolor: SILVER.
Baza srebro bransoletka metal Designb London
85 z艂
Designb London Baza srebro bransoletka metal
Bracelet by DesignB Something for your wrist Mixed-chain design Secure clasp fastening Kolor: Silver. Materia艂: Base metal.
Naszyjnik Dsquared2
589 z艂
Dsquared2 Naszyjnik
Brass. Double chain . Cross charm . Clasp closure Materia艂: 100%BR. Kolor: Palladium. Rozmiar: 01.
Luisa Via Roma
Srebro pier艣cie艅 Gucci
895 z艂
Gucci Srebro pier艣cie艅
sterling silver sterling silver GG ring from GUCCI featuring slip-on style, GG logo and woven design. Rozmiar: 48. Materia艂: Sterling Silver. Kolor: SILVER.
Naszyjnik metal z艂oto ze z艂ota Northskull
536 z艂
Northskull Naszyjnik metal z艂oto ze z艂ota
Gold-tone metal In 'n' Out Tag necklace from NORTHSKULL featuring a curb chain and a lobster claw fastening. Materia艂: metal. Kolor: GOLD. Rozmiar: One Size.
Pier艣cie艅 z logo srebro Gucci
1 520 z艂
Gucci Pier艣cie艅 z logo srebro
Band ring in oxidized sterling silver. Carved and sculpted detailing throughout. Logo engraved at inner band. Supplier color: Aged silver Rozmiar: 64. Kolor: 0811 SILVER.
Bransoletka czarny sk贸rzany Prada
1 100 z艂
Prada Bransoletka czarny sk贸rzany
Defining luxury since 1913, Italian fashion house Prada is renowned for their uncompromised quality and timeless design vision. This black braided leather bracelet from Prada features an engraved logo and a silver-tone metal triangle logo....
Bransoletka sk贸rzany metal Versace
1 422 z艂 1 138 z艂 (-20%)
Versace Bransoletka sk贸rzany metal
Gold colored metal. Leather. Adjustable safety pin buckle closure. Engraved Medusa logo and Greek motif details . One size only Rozmiar: 01. Materia艂: ME,CALF. Kolor: Black.
Luisa Via Roma
Naszyjnik srebro Gucci
1 134 z艂
Gucci Naszyjnik srebro
An engraved feline head hangs from a substantial chain on this statement sterling silver necklace from Gucci. Rozmiar: ONE SIZE. Materia艂: necklace: sterling silver. Kolor: silver.
Bransoletka czarny sk贸rzany Bottega Veneta
1 177 z艂
Bottega Veneta Bransoletka czarny sk贸rzany
Braided lambskin and calfskin bracelet in black. Adjustable cinch strap fastening. Sterling silver hardware. Approx. 9.5 maximum length. Supplier color: Black Kolor: 1000 NERO. Rozmiar: XXS.
Bransoletka czarny ze z艂ota Versace
2 031 z艂
Versace Bransoletka czarny ze z艂ota
Curb chain bracelet in gold-tone. Enamelled trim in black and signature carved Medusa at press-release fastening. Approx. 8 full length. Supplier color: Gold Kolor: K41T GLDBLK. Rozmiar: M.
Bransoletka czarny ze z艂ota Ambush
3 018 z艂
Ambush Bransoletka czarny ze z艂ota
Gold-tone brass bold logo bracelet from AMBUSH featuring a polished finish, an adjustable fit, punch hole detailing and a buckle fastening. Materia艂: Leather/Brass. Rozmiar: One Size. Kolor: Black.
Bransoletka czarny sk贸rzany Prada
1 289 z艂
Prada Bransoletka czarny sk贸rzany
Chiefs in leather craftsmanship, Prada's acclaimed Saffiano leather is consistently found throughout every collection. Case in point: this black leather logo plaque wrap bracelet. Featuring a front logo plaque and a push-lock fastening....
Brelok niebieski srebro Prada
996 z艂
Prada Brelok niebieski srebro
Keep your everyday necessities stylishly organised thanks to Prada's logo plaque key chain which comes complete with a sleek blue saffiano leather fob. Detailed with silver-tone branded hardware and a lobster claw fastening and keyring....
Bransoletka z czaszkami poz艂acany Northskull
3 803 z艂
Northskull Bransoletka z czaszkami poz艂acany
18kt gold plated silver swarm bracelet from NORTHSKULL featuring a drawstring fastening and Swarovski crystal embellishments. This item is unisex. Kolor: GOLD. Rozmiar: One Size. Materia艂: 18kt Gold Plated Silver.
Bransoletka Werkstatt:m眉nchen
5 412 z艂 2 706 z艂 (-50%)
Werkstatt:m眉nchen Bransoletka
Silver sterling silver small plaque bracelet from Werkstatt:M眉nchen. Rozmiar: L. Kolor: SILVER. Materia艂: Sterling Silver.
Bransoletka czarny sk贸rzany Versace
1 535 z艂
Versace Bransoletka czarny sk贸rzany
Braided leather bracelet in black. Signature Medusa hardware and leather tassel at toggle fastening. Gold-tone hardware. Supplier color: Black/Gold Kolor: D41OH BLKGL. Rozmiar: M.
Naszyjnik ze srebra srebro Gucci
1 717 z艂
Gucci Naszyjnik ze srebra srebro
Sterling silver. 60/70mm. G logo details. Antique finsih Rozmiar: 01. Materia艂: AG925. Kolor: Silver.
Luisa Via Roma
Bransoletka czarny sk贸rzany Versace
952 z艂
Versace Bransoletka czarny sk贸rzany
Versace's bracelet is one of those pieces of jewellery that'll work with most outfits, so you'll find yourself wearing it on most days. It's been woven in Italy from two strips of black leather and punctuated with the brand's polished...
Bransoletka z czaszkami sport Alexander Mcqueen
431 z艂
Alexander Mcqueen Bransoletka z czaszkami sport
Alexander McQueen's skull multi-bead bracelet is crafted from resin, sporting a matte finish and features McQueen's signature skull at center focus. Kolor: black. Materia艂: bracelet for men~onyx and resin. Rozmiar: ONE SIZE.
Naszyjnik Off-white
2 642 z艂
Off-white Naszyjnik
OFF-WHITE Arrow Necklace in Silver - Metallic. Size all. Silver-tone plated brass. Made in Italy. Measures approx 29 in length. Logo pendant measures approx 1W x 1H. Lobster clasp closure. Curb chain. OFFF-MA70. OMOB032S202530209100....
Pier艣cie艅 srebro Gucci
956 z艂
Gucci Pier艣cie艅 srebro
GucciGhost Collection. Created in collaboration with graffiti artist Trouble Andrew. Width: 9mm. Sterling silver. Engraved Rozmiar: 21 - 22 - 23 - 25. Kolor: Silver. Materia艂: AG925.
Luisa Via Roma
Naszyjnik z艂oto Versace
6 817 z艂
Versace Naszyjnik z艂oto
gold tone medallion chain necklace from Versace. Rozmiar: One Size. Kolor: GOLD. Materia艂: Brass.
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